NASA Artemis I SLS-Orion Spacecraft Launch Attempt Today: How to Watch Live Stream

NASA Artemis I Launch NASA NASA

NASA is gearing up for its second attempt to launch the Artemis I Space Launch System (SLS) rocket on September 3. On August 29, when Artemis I was supposed to begin its journey to the moon and back, launch controllers were unable to do so. Cool the four RS-25 rocket engines, according to NASA. This caused the launch to be halted and rescheduled after the issues were resolved. Launch coverage will begin at 5:45am EDT (PM IST) by NASA and the launch will take place a few hours later.

Artemis I is slated to lift off from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida at 2:17 pm ET or 11:47 pm IST. After lift off, the jettison rocket boosters will separate and then the main engine will cut. The SLS rocket will orbit the Earth and then leave the planet’s orbit for the Moon.

Then, Orion’s thrusters will push the capsule toward Earth’s only natural satellite, bringing it within 100 km of the Moon’s surface. During the mission, Orion will travel about 64,400 km beyond the Moon and then return to Earth. Orion will carry a simulated crew of one male and two female mannequins with sensors to measure radiation levels in the spacecraft.

How to watch Artemis I launch

The Artemis I launch will be streamed live by NASA through its official YouTube channel. You can also watch the launch of the SLS rocket through it Facebook, InstagramAnd Twitter,

The Artemis I launch window opens at the launch site at 2:17 PM ET and viewers in India can tune in at 11:47 PM IST. You can also watch the launch from the embedded player below.

You can also see Artemis I launched at the moon in 360-degree VR through Facebook, hosted by Felix and Paul Studio. VR streaming will start 90 minutes before the launch. The VR livestream will be hosted by retired astronauts Karen Nyberg and Doug Hurley on Meta Quest headsets.

What went wrong on August 29?

After the launch was aborted on August 29, Rachel Craft, a communications specialist at NASA, said that the Artemis I launch director aborted the launch attempt because the launch controller was unable to maintain ideal temperatures for the RS-25 engines during launch.

The SLS rocket was safe and stable when the Artemis I launch was aborted, the space agency said at the time.

Artemis I’s new launch schedule

On September 3, NASA will begin coverage of the Artemis I launch to the Moon at 5:45am EDT (3:15pm IST) with a refueling operation to load propellant into the SLS rocket.

NASA Artemis I Launch NASA NASA

Photo credit: NASA

The launch countdown will resume at the start of the 2.5-hour built-in hold, which will begin at 4:37am EDT (2:07am IST).

At 12:15pm EDT (9:45pm IST), full lunar coverage will begin, covering translunar injection and spacecraft separation. At 6 p.m. EDT (September 4, 3:30 a.m.), NASA will hold a post-launch news conference about an hour after launch coverage ends.


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