Musk eyes Manchester United after Twitter deal fails, tweets big announcement

Musk eyes Manchester United after Twitter deal fails, tweets big announcement


I’m buying Manchester United, welcome: Elon Musk
Manchester United is one of the best football clubs in the world
Manchester United are champions for a record 20 times

New Delhi. Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and CEO of electric car company Tesla, is now buying football club Manchester United after canceling the Twitter deal. He himself gave this information on Tuesday. “I am buying Manchester United, welcome,” Musk tweeted from his Twitter handle.

According to Reuters news agency, Musk has a history of covert tweets, and it was not immediately clear whether he planned to pursue a deal. Manchester United, currently controlled by the American Glazer family, did not immediately respond to Musk’s request for comment. It is known that Manchester United is one of the best supported football clubs in the world. The club has been champion of England for a record 20 times and has won the European Cup, the most prestigious club competition in world sport, three times.

The football club’s market capitalization as of Tuesday was $2.08 billion. Manchester United fans have protested in recent years against Glazer, who bought the club for £790 million ($955.51 million) in 2005 after the team’s poor performance on the field. The anti-glare movement gained momentum last year after Manchester United was involved in an unsuccessful attempt to break away from the European Super League.

Musk’s tweet about buying Manchester United garnered thousands of likes and funny reactions from social media users within minutes. One user wrote that if you keep playing like this, you will get a discount. Another user wrote that United players are finally going to be dangerous in space. At the same time, many people have also pointed to his recent flip-flop regarding the deal with Twitter.

Some fans urged Musk to buy Manchester United instead of Twitter. Musk is trying to get out of a $44 million deal to buy the social media company, a deal that has now gone to court.

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