Monkeypox virus: Thousands of Americans going to Canada for monkeypox vaccination, vaccine supply is short

Monkeypox virus: Thousands of Americans going to Canada for monkeypox vaccination, vaccine supply is short


Thousands of Americans fly to Canada to get shots as vaccine cuts
Decision to make vaccine available to all in Montreal, capital of Quebec province
The province of Quebec is located approximately 70 kilometers north of the US border.

Washington. Monkeypox infection is increasing so fast in America that the supply of vaccine is running out, due to which many Americans are going to Canada to get the vaccine. In fact, Montreal, the capital of the province of Quebec, located about 70 kilometers north of the US border, has decided to provide the vaccine to all of them, so thousands of Americans are leaving for Montreal to take advantage of this opportunity. ,

Speaking to the media, Stillson spoke about the vaccination process in the US, saying that it is very difficult to get vaccinated in the states, saying, ‘I went with my husband and two daughters to get a shot at a pop-up vaccination. Was standing in line for hours. Center ‘mere aisi friend hai jeene aur ke lie 8 or 9 hoon wait ki hai hai’ as contact tracing is difficult. Montreal officials decided to vaccinate everyone who spread the virus.

75-80% of the population vaccinated
Montreal began a vaccination campaign in mid-May when the first case of monkeypox was reported. Montreal drew criticism from 18,500 people, 13 percent of whom were foreigners. They aim to deliver 25,000 doses and vaccinate about 75-80 percent of the population, especially men who have sex with men because they are at higher risk of contracting the virus.

What is Montreal’s strategy?
AFP The strategy used by Montreal’s Public Health Agency would be effective, according to Donald Vinh, an infectious disease specialist at McGill University Health Center. Tourists will be at higher risk from this virus so we will vaccinate them immediately so that they can fight the epidemic and do not spread the infection on their way back home.

Monkeypox outbreak in America, declared a health emergency, more than 6600 cases

The United States recently declared monkeypox a public health emergency. The US government was worried about the rapid increase in infection cases. Over 6,600 cases were registered in the last few days. Canada has reported 1,059 confirmed cases of monkeypox as of August 11, but officials are seeing signs of a slow onset of transmission.

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