Monkeypox virus: First death due to monkeypox in America, 15 deaths worldwide

Monkeypox virus: First death due to monkeypox in America, 15 deaths worldwide

Washington. The first case of death due to monkeypox virus infection has been reported in the US state of Texas. Giving this information from the Health Department, it has been said that this is the first case of death due to infection in the country. The Health Department said that the matter is still being investigated to find out what was the role of monkeypox virus in this death. However, monkeypox is rarely fatal.

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) spokesman Scott Polley said in an email that he was shocked by reports of the first death from infection with monkeypox. He said that since this case, the CDC has intensified its surveillance on the growing outbreak of monkeypox. It is important to examine closely to understand the situation. “Until the investigation is completed, it is too early to say the cause of death,” Pauli said.

Let us tell you that the outbreak of monkeypox is very scary in more than 90 countries. There have been more than 478,600 cases of this infection worldwide, which the World Health Organization has declared as a global health emergency. The deaths from monkeypox so far include Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, India and Spain. So far 15 have died worldwide. But now America is also included in this.

Monkeypox outbreak in America, declared a health emergency, more than 6600 cases

Pauli said cases of infection are now spreading rapidly in the United States. Clade IIb – can be fatal. However, monkeypox infection is more dangerous for people with weak immunity. Anyone can get infected with monkeypox, it spreads through contact with an infected person. However, according to the CDC, more than 18,101 cases have been found in the United States among men who have sex with men.

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