Meta Limited lets users cross-post digital collectibles like NFTs to Instagram and Facebook

Meta Lets Limited Users Cross-Post Digital Collectibles Like NFTs Across Instagram and Facebook

Facebook and Instagram’s parent Meta has revealed that users will be able to cross-post non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to Facebook and Instagram starting this week. However, it will only start with a handful of US-based ones. The social media giant intends to make it easier to share your “digital collectibles” by simply requiring a one-time wallet connection to Facebook or Instagram. The announcement comes less than a month after first introducing digital wallet integration as the company finally begins integrating cryptocurrencies into its platforms.

“As we continue to roll out digital collectibles on Facebook and Instagram, we have begun giving people the ability to post digital collectibles that they have on both Facebook and Instagram. Will enable you to connect to any app at once. Share your digital collectibles across both,” wrote Meta an updated blog post, When NFTs are shared on Instagram or Facebook, the artist and owner will be automatically tagged, and there is no charge for sharing, Meta said.

The integration isn’t too surprising, given that the line between Facebook and Instagram is becoming blurred as parent company Meta tests Web3’s waters. Since it acquired Instagram a decade ago, Meta has added a number of features that deepen the link between Facebook and Instagram.

For example, Instagram Stories can be cross-posted to Facebook, Instagram posts can be easily reposted to Facebook, and Instagram Payments can be used to set up Facebook Pay and purchase items or as a photo-sharing platform. Requires linking to run ads through the medium.

As for its venture into the digital collectibles world, Meta first revealed its plans to expand into the NFT space back in May, noting that creators are starting to take on new technologies like NFTs to take more control over their work. Given, his relationship with his fans. , and how they can monetize their content.

Meta’s NFT efforts have seen expansion to 100 countries over the past few months and include support for wallets across multiple networks including Ethereum, Polygon and Flow, as well as additional third-party support on the way.


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