Man picked up huge snake, viral video trending on social media nmp

गाडीसमोर आला महाकाय साप पकडताच पुढे जे झाले ते पाहून तुमचाही उडेल थरकाप, पाहा Video

Shocking video of snake: Snake is such an animal that everyone in this world is afraid. You and I get excited seeing all the snakes except the snake friend. But at this time a video on social media is attracting the attention of all the users. What this man did will shock you too.

oh wait!

In this video you can see a big giant snake on a deserted road in the forest. The drivers were finding it difficult to cross the road. One such person walks near the snake and you will get sweaty as soon as you catch him what happens next.

While getting down from the car, he is seen casually going towards the snake. He then lifts the snake by its tail and throws it towards the forest, you can hear in the video shouting at the people in the car and refusing to approach him. After some time the snake goes into the forest. (Video of man going viral on social media NMP is going viral)

Protect Wildlife! (protect wildlife,

The video was uploaded on Twitter by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Parveen Kaswan. According to Kaswan, this incident is from South India. The official captioned it, “Your views on this. Go for disturbing wildlife habitats or saving them from road accidents. Video is of important wildlife of South India.”

This video has been viewed more than 23 thousand times on Twitter so far. According to many people, the man saved the snake from the accident as it could have been crushed by the vehicle.


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