Logan ‘sent me fry’ in Johnny Depp case, actor reveals a big reveal about his ex-wife

Logan 'sent me fry' in Johnny Depp case, actor reveals a big reveal about his ex-wife

Johnny Depp-Eber Heard Controversy: Pirates of the Caribbean (Pirates of the Caribbean) actor Johnny Depp has been in the headlines for his personal life. Recently ex-wife Amber Heard made serious allegations against the actor and now Johnny has filed a defamation suit against Amber Heard. The actor has leveled several allegations against his ex-wife, which has left people stunned. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have made many big revelations about each other in their applications.

Let me tell you, Johnny Depp broke up with Amber in 2017. Both got divorced, but still the tension between the two did not subside. The matter between the two is increasing instead of calming down. Johnny and Amber are facing new charges against each other. There were many shocking revelations in their relationship. These include serious charges ranging from physical torture to fraud.

Amber’s allegations against Johnny Depp
According to reports, Amber Heard has claimed that Johnny Depp abused her verbally and physically. According to Amber, Johnny also sexually assaulted her. Not only this, he had also put a bottle of liquor in Amber’s private part. According to the actress, the incident is of 2015, when she went to Australia on vacation with Johnny.

Johnny Depp has also accused Amber of physical abuse. According to Johnny, Amber threw a bottle of vodka at him and cut his middle finger. Due to which they had to face many problems. According to the actor, in the fifth season of Pirates of the Caribbean, the makers showed their finger with the help of CGI.

How did the controversy start?
After the divorce, Amber Heard claimed that Johnny Depp used to drink and fight with her. Johnny, however, vehemently denied Amber’s allegations. After this, in 2018, Heard wrote an open letter against Johnny, in which he accused the actor of assault. However, he did not write the name of Johnny Depp in it. However, Johnny Depp filed a defamation suit against his ex-wife after the letter surfaced. Amber’s lawyer reveals a conversation between Depp and his friend Baruch, which featured Johnny using abusive language against his wife.

Amber Heard’s Threesome
According to reports, Baruch also admitted that the actor had used these words for his ex-wife. Johnny Depp has also accused Amber Heard of cheating. According to Depp, the case dates back to 2016. When his wife was with someone else in the apartment.

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