‘Let husband do it with my mother and sister’, reveals popular American TikToker

maddie brooks

New Delhi: There are some things that happen to be shared with family members. For example DNA, Childhood Home and TV Remote Control. But the husband was not one to share. However, American TikTok star Maddie Brooks doesn’t mind sharing her husband with another woman. He himself accepted it in front of his followers. According to Maddie Brooks, she willingly shares her husband not only with her mother, but also with her sister.

It appears that Brooks has deleted his TikTok account after talking about their open relationship. But other TikTokers are sharing her video, in which Maddy can be heard saying that she doesn’t mind sharing her husband with her mother and sister, because he is not like that when she is not in the mood. can do this is easy.

maddie brooks

In a viral video, Maddie Brooks can be heard saying, “My mother and I are both swingers and that’s great. why do you know? Whenever I am not in mood, I give my husband to mother. Yes, I am that type of wife. Suppose I let my husband go to Unne (Mum) a couple of times in my dream. It makes me happy when I let my husband play with me.

Brooks admitted that she, her husband, and her mother have an open relationship. He further revealed that his younger sister was also sometimes involved (in sharing Brooks’s husband). Maddie Brooks says in a viral video that my husband is happy when he shares a bed with my sister. That’s how I make her happy. Swinging of sexual partners in parties and events is called partner swinging.

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