Lal Mohammed fake currency trader killed in Kathmandu shootout

Nepal Police

The relatives of Lal Mohammad say that he was set free from prison on 7 July 2017. He began a material business in Gothar, Kathmandu

Nepal Police

Nepal Police (Photo Credits: FILE PIC)

New Delhi:

The one who was shot dead in Nepal’s capital Saresham was a phony Indian cash vendor. Due to being in the pack of Dawood’s extraordinary colleague Yunus Ansari in Nepal, Lal Mohammad nom de plume Mohammad Darji used to send transfers of phony Indian notes from Pakistan to India through Nepal. There was a tussle between them over commission cash during the exchange of fake notes. Balram Patuwa of Bada area of Nepal, engaged with the matter of fake notes, was shot dead in Kathmandu. As per police records, broker Patuwa was shot dead on 4 July 2007 in Anamnagar, Kathmandu. The police had captured D Organization’s sharp shooter Munna Khan nom de plume Iltaf Hussain Ansari alongside Lal Mohammad in Nepal on charges of homicide. The court condemned the two of them to a decade’s detainment.

The relatives of Lal Mohammad say that he was let out of prison on 7 July 2017. He began a material business in Gothar, Kathmandu. Because of his lawbreaker foundation, the police suspect that he will be killed in a posse war. During the phony money business, Lal Mohammad was realized by many names including Mohammad Darji, Lal Ansari, Lal Thapaji. Yet again after the homicide of Lal Mohammed, the old occurrence of killing each other because of shared animosity in Nepal has become new.

Mirza Dilshad Baig or Jamim Shah, Abdul Majeed Manihar or Faizan Ahmed, Khurshid Alam or Lal Mohammad, who betrayed both Dawood and Chhota Rajan, were completely engaged with fake cash exchanges. Every one of them were some way or another connected with Yunus Ansari who was taking care of Dawood’s business in Nepal. Yunus is as yet held up in the Focal Prison in Kathmandu on charges of managing in fake cash and opiates. Yunus was lethally gone after in the prison yet he got away. However, the police continue getting news that he is proceeding with his business from prison. Wrongdoing branch authorities examining the present shooting likewise accept the homicide might have been brought about by common animosity.


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