Know these special things about the singer on the birth anniversary of SD Burman

Know these special things about the singer on the birth anniversary of SD Burman

SD Burman Jayanti: Many singers and composers have contributed to Hindi music and cinema. Some stars left such an impression that the times have changed but their magic has not diminished even today. One such name is composer Sachin Dev Burman. Sachin Dev Burman is still S.D. Also known as SD Burman. No one can deny his contribution to Indian cinema. SD Burman was a renowned singer and composer of the Hindi film industry. He earned a lot of name from his voice as well as his music in his time.

SD Burman was born on 1 October 1906 in Tripura. His father was the second son of Ishanchandra Dev Burman, the king of Tripura. He had nine siblings. At that time after graduating from the University of Calcutta, S. D. Burman entered the world of music. However, he had a passion for music since childhood. Burman da’s father was a king as well as a famous sitar player and dhrupad singer. SD Burman learned the nuances of music from his father.

studied classical music

SD Burman studied classical music. He realized that Bollywood music was not a medium to showcase classical musical skills. The special thing is that S.D. Burman never repeated his tune. s. D. Burman was known by many names among music lovers. He was known as ‘Burman Da’ in Mumbai and ‘Shochin Deb Bormon’ in Bangladesh, ‘Burman Da’ among Bollywood musicians and SD Burman and ‘Jeans’ among fans.

s. D. Burman’s career

SD Burman, who has composed music for over 100 films, has sung in 13 Bengali films and lent his melodious voice to 14 Hindi songs. When SD Burman gave music and voice to the song ‘Whaan Kaun Hai Tera.. Musafir.. Jayega Kahoon Ko’ from the film ‘Guide’, the audience was also surprised. His song ‘Sir jo tera chakkar ya dil dooba jaye’ is popular even today. Music lovers gave him a lot of love. SD Burman has illuminated his name on many awards. In 1958, he won the ‘Sangeet Natak Akademi’ award. s. D. Burman was awarded the ‘Padma Shri’ in 1969 for his significant contribution to music. Not only this, S. D. Burman has also received two National Awards and two Filmfare Awards.

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