Kia bans pop star Madonna from Instagram for going live

Kia bans pop star Madonna from Instagram for going live

Hollywood’s pop star Madonna is very active on social media. Along with her music, she is also in the discussion about her bold pictures. He has 18 million followers on social media. The number of his fans can also be gauged from the fact that how much fans like him. But recently, not only Madonna but her fans have also suffered a lot.

Actually, pop star Madonna got a big blow on Instagram when she was banned from going on Instagram Live. The Facebook-owned photo and video sharing app has been cited for violating community guidelines.

So banned from going live
According to media reports, Instagram did this because Madonna was constantly sharing her nude pictures on the photo sharing app. When this thing happened to Madonna when wow go live. He himself was surprised at this. The pop star said, ‘Oddly enough, I’ve never had a bad time in my life to be bad.’

Madonna’s Instagram mentions compliance with the law
In a notification sent to Madonna on Instagram, it has been said that she should take care of the feelings of others and always follow the law.

What did Instagram say in the notification?
In a notification sent to Madonna, Instagram said, “We want to keep Instagram an authentic and safe place for inspiration and expression.” Post only your photos and videos and always follow the law. Respect everyone on Instagram, don’t spam people or post nude photos or videos.’

Instagram has already deleted pictures of Madonna
Let us tell you that before this Madonna has posted many obscene pictures on Instagram, which were deleted by Instagram.

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