Katy Perry’s designer dress became a disaster, American singer fell from her chair – Viral Video

Katy Perry's designer dress became a disaster, American singer fell from her chair - Viral Video

American singer Katy Perry She is not only a melodious singer but also a strong and beautiful one. A video of world famous Katy Perry is going viral on social media. Sometimes they add to the beauty of the celebrity, and sometimes they go to life. Something similar happened with Katy Perry, who became a mermaid. When the singer reached the show ‘American Idol’, something happened that caused a stir in the host.

Actually, Katy Perry reached the set as a judge on the reality music show ‘American Idol’. Mermaid Bunny Katie looked exactly like a plastic doll. But suddenly this girl fell on her head from her chair. The show’s host and co-judge Katy Perry was stunned. The singer fell down from the chair and somehow picked it up. But instead of getting upset in such a difficult situation, Katie was laughing out loud.

Why did Katy Perry, the mermaid, upset her balance?
Katy Perry has shared a video of the accident on her Instagram. The singer arrived on the set as a mermaid in a sea green and purple outfit. Dressing her in this dress and taking her to the set is not easy. Singer has also shared its pictures and videos. As the host of the show starts talking about the top 10 contestants, judge Bani Katie loses her balance and she quickly falls down. Seeing it falling, the host runs away. The co-judges take care of Katy Perry, Sabi laughs and gets upset.

funny video of katy perry
The host and co-judges are again in the chair with Katy Perry. But first everyone gets nervous, then laughs. Fans are also seen asking about Katie’s safety on videos and pictures. Although many fans are also praising Katie for making this embarrassing situation funny. This video was shared on social media two days ago.

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