Jason Momoa Accident: Jason Momoa’s Accident, ‘Aquaman’ Survived in Road Accident

Jason Momoa Accident: Jason Momoa's Accident, 'Aquaman' Survived in Road Accident

Jason Momoa crash: Hollywood star Jason Momoa (Jason Momoa) became the victim of a major road accident. The actor’s vehicle collided with a motorcyclist, in which the actor narrowly escaped. According to reports, the incident took place near the Calabasas area of ​​Los Angeles. Where Jason was traveling from. Then a bike rider collided with his car. However, the accident was not very big and both the biker and the Hollywood star are safe in this accident.

According to media reports, the biker was going towards Momoa at high speed and collided with his car. He collided with an Oldsmobile and then fell. He also broke the windshield and hood of the car of the Hollywood star. The bike rider has suffered minor injuries in this accident. He sustained some injuries in his feet and fingers, after which he was taken to the hospital.

However, he was able to walk on his feet. However, he was still taken to the hospital due to minor injuries. According to media reports, Momoa narrowly survived the accident. The video after the incident is also going viral on social media, in which he can be seen going back to his car after the incident.

It is clear from the viral video that the actor has not suffered any injuries in the accident. Emergency helpline vehicles can also be seen in the video. At the same time, pictures of the car in which they were traveling at the time of the accident have also come to the fore. Jason Momoa is often seen expressing his love for vintage bikes and riding bikes. He has also shared pictures of his bike collection on social media.

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