Italian adult star brutally beaten to death, to pieces

Italian adult star brutally beaten to death, to pieces

The murder mystery of Italian adult star Carol Maltesi, missing for several months, has been solved. Carole Maltesi’s killers have admitted that they stabbed the actress with a hammer before slitting her throat and then dumped her body on the side of the road. In this case, the police has arrested the accused lover. Along with this, the police, while solving the murder case, claimed that the accused has also confessed his crime.

Carol Maltesi was murdered and her body was brutally mutilated. The killer did this so that he could not be identified. But a fan identified him with a tattoo made on his body, after which the police reached the accused lover while solving the murder mystery.

Carol Maltesy has been missing since January 2022
According to media reports, on March 19, the bodies of 26-year-old Carol Maltese were found lying on the roadside. At that time the police could not identify the body. The actress was missing since January 2022.

This is how the actress was identified
During the investigation, when the police released pictures of the body for identification, a fan of the actress identified Carol because of a tattoo on her leg. Then the name of the deceased came out.

The accused burnt Carol’s face
The accused told the police during interrogation that he had committed the murder on the morning of January 10 or 11 and had cut the body into pieces so that he could not be identified. After carrying out the incident, the accused burnt Carol’s face and then cut small pieces of the dead body and kept it in the fridge. The accused lover was so clever that he used to message Carol’s mother from his mobile so that no one would suspect that Carol was murdered.

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