iPhone 15 may be manufactured in India, China at the same time: Ming-Chi Kuo

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There are almost five days left for the iPhone 14 launch and the rumors about the iPhone 15 have already started pouring in. It has been widely reported that Apple will produce some handsets in the iPhone 14 series in India for various reasons, including mitigating the impact of geopolitical tensions between China and the US. Now it has been claimed that India and China may produce the iPhone 15 together from next year. In addition, the alleged gap in the production schedule of the iPhone 14 between India and China has been narrowed.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tweeted That the mass production schedule of the iPhone 14 model in India this year is “still about six weeks behind China, but the gap has improved significantly.” Based on this, he said that it is reasonable to expect that “India and China will be able to produce the new iPhone 15 at the same time next year.”

It should be noted that Apple is looking for an alternative market for making iPhone models. Currently, China is the company’s important center for worldwide shipments. However, the recent geopolitical tensions between China and the US administration as well as disrupted economic activities due to the COVID-19 lockdown have reportedly forced the Cupertino-based company to explore alternatives to manufacture iPhone models. Reports suggest that this will help Apple mitigate the impact of the problems the company has been facing in recent months. Kuo, however, claimed that geopolitical tensions will not affect the mass production and shipment schedules of the iPhone 14.

It is reported that the iPhone 14 models are planning to go into production in India around two months after the initial release of the product from China. Apple’s move to produce some iPhone 14 models in India could be an ‘important milestone’ for the Indian market, but the iPhone-maker has its own objections about setting up manufacturing units in India as it is subject to product privacy. And maintaining high comes with its own challenges. standard.

The iPhone 14 series will launch globally on September 7 and shipments may start around a week and a half after the unveiling. Production sites in India are expected to manufacture the iPhone 14 model with a 6.1-inch display that could be the vanilla iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. The iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max are believed to feature 6.7-inch displays and will not be manufactured in the country.


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