iPhone 14 may also be made in India, Apple cautious about high standards for product privacy: Report

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According to a report, the iPhone 14 models can also be made in India. Apple has long been planning to use its manufacturing lines in the country to supplement iPhone 14 production in China amid geopolitical issues and disrupted economic activity due to COVID restrictions in the handset maker. However, Apple is reportedly concerned about the high standards it has created for product privacy amid efforts to expand to India. The first batch of iPhone 14 from India is likely to be out in late October or November.

Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter informed of He said Apple is working with suppliers and exploring alternatives to accelerate manufacturing in India “as Xi Jinping’s administration clashes with the US government and nationwide lockdowns that have curtailed economic activity.” has been interrupted.” The iPhone 14 models are planning to go into production in India, about two months after the initial release of the product from China. The report said that this move will reduce the manufacturing gap between the two countries.

Apple is apparently working to reduce the production lag of new iPhone models to six to nine months from the previous launch. At the same time, it seeks to find an alternative that minimizes the impact of geopolitical tensions between China and the US administration, as well as disrupted economic activity due to the COVID-19 lockdown. The first iPhone 14 series of smartphones from India is likely to be out in late October or November.

China will still be a significant part of the iPhone 14 manufacturing to ensure a smooth launch as the country is the source of many iPhone components. Reportedly, Apple wants to first focus on ramping up its China operations and then work on India production. A person with knowledge of the matter says that “some people at Apple and Foxconn expected to start production together in India this year, but that was never an official plan.”

Choosing India as an alternative to China could be an ‘important milestone’ for both Apple and India. The country’s lucrative allure as an alternative to manufacturing iPhone 14 models could jeopardize China’s status as a factory for the world. However, with the establishment of manufacturing units in India comes its own challenges like product secrecy and maintaining high standards.

The Bloomberg report said stricter controls (in another country) to keep new product details confidential would prove difficult to implement. One of the people told the publication that tighter security controls and tighter isolation of China’s facilities would be challenging to replicate in India. In addition, Apple is also concerned about “Indian customs officials, who typically open packages to check whether imported materials match their declarations, another potential vulnerability to product privacy,” on the report highlighted.


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