iOS 16 Battery Percentage Display Not Available on Some iPhone Models

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Among the new features to come with the upgrade to iOS 16 on supported iPhones is the new battery percentage display that was first shown in the iOS 16 beta. The feature basically lets you take a look at the charge status of the battery without needing to swipe up the Control Center on the iPhone that houses the TrueDepth camera and display notch. It turns out that not all iPhone users can take advantage of this feature.

Apple’s iOS 16 operating system is available for a long list of supported iPhones (starting with the iPhone 8), but it turns out that not all of them will get all the features. One of these is the new battery percentage display located to the right of the TrueDepth camera system, which is housed inside the display notch. It now indicates the battery percentage, which is convenient to look at instead of swiping down the Control Center.

Apple now has a . indicated in supporting document That not all iPhone models will support the battery percentage display feature. In its support document, Apple states that the new battery percentage display is also not available on the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, and more recently, the iPhone 13 mini. It does not provide any information on why it is not possible to bring the feature to these iPhone models.

While the new battery percentage display is a welcome feature in iOS 16, the way it displays the percentage can be a bit tricky to read because the new indicator includes the percentage inside the battery icon next to it, just like on previous models. , and in the Control Center. The icon itself remains completely full, giving users the impression that the battery is not drained until the battery drops to 20 percent, after which the icon turns red, with the remainder partially full.

This is very different in comparison to how Android smartphones display battery status, which usually has a battery icon filled in to indicate how much battery life is left with a percentage shown next to it.


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