Interview of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on her upcoming visit to India

Interview of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on her upcoming visit to India

New Delhi:

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is going to visit India soon. With this, news agency ANI took an exclusive interview with Sheikh Hasina and discussed many issues with her. Meanwhile, Sheikh Hasina openly praised India’s cooperation with Bangladesh. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that India and Bangladesh are close neighbours. I always value friendship with our neighboring countries because I think this friendship is for our people. Our priority is to see how trade between the two countries can be improved. India is our reliable partner. We always remember India’s contribution during the 1971 war. In 1975, when I buried all my family members, the then Prime Minister of India gave us shelter in India.

deep ties between us and India

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on her visit to India said that India is our neighbor. We have very good relations. There are some problems, we have done the means of Makti… I think we are not. If there is a problem between the neighboring countries, it can be resolved bilaterally. Our foreign policy is very clear – friendship with all, no hatred …. If there is a problem between China and India, I do not want to get into it. I like development of my country. Sheikh Hasina said that I thank the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, for the Vaccine Dosti initiative. India provided the vaccine not only to Bangladesh but also to other South Asian countries.

I thank PM Modi

Sheikh Hasina further said that many of our students were trapped in Ukraine during the Russo-Ukraine war. I thank Prime Minister Modi for this when India expelled its students from there. Our economy is still very strong. We faced the corona pandemic, the Ukraine-Russia war also had an impact, but Bangladesh is paying its debt on time. I don’t think we will ever face Sri Lanka-like situation. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina further said that Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recalled the memories when her family was murdered. I think it should be resolved. PM (Narendra Modi) is very eager to solve this problem but there is a problem in your country. We share water only with Ganga but there are 54 other rivers as well. This is a long standing problem that needs to be solved.

India should show more generosity

On India-Bangladesh water sharing dispute, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that we are located downstream, water is coming from India. So India should show more generosity. This will benefit both the countries. Sometimes our people are very busy, especially because of the Teesta river. On the security of minority communities in Bangladesh, PM Sheikh Hasina said that there is communal harmony between us. Sometimes such incidents happen on which we take immediate action. The people of my party are well aware of this. On the Rohingya, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that they were also provided with the vaccine during Kovid. But how long will they be here? Some people are involved in drug trafficking, women trafficking. The sooner they go back to their homes, the better it will be for our country and Myanmar.

Fewer incidents of animal trafficking

This is a huge burden for us, we are in consultation with the international community and our neighbours. So that they (Rohingya) can go back home. We are giving them (Rohingyas) shelter, everything is available. It is to be decided. He is working for the country. Digital Bangladesh is his idea and he is helping me in this, but he never thought of taking any position in any ministry of any political party. When the Bangladesh PM was asked if she wanted her son to join politics. Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina said on the smuggling of cattle from the India-Bangladesh border that discussions are going on. There are some incidents of animal smuggling and sometimes there are some incidents. A meeting has also been held between the security forces of both the countries regarding this, we have got their assurance that such incidents will come down.

– This copy has been taken from news agency ANI.

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