International Yoga Day 2022 Blog Significance and Importance of Yoga

International Yoga Day : 'मला शवासन आवडतं...'; कारण वाचा, तुम्हालाही पटेल

Suvarna Dhanorkar, Mumbai : International Yoga Day : Until now, all we knew was that June 21st was a big day. But eight years ago, the day became even more special for Indians and a day of pride for exercise lovers… as June 21 was celebrated as World Yoga Day. (International Yoga Day 2022 Blog Significance and Importance of Yoga)

Although yoga is practiced in many countries around the world, but about 12 countries have officially recognized yoga. The current business of Yogasan is about 400 billion. Yogasanas are most popular in America. But during the Kovid period, the number of people doing yoga decreased slightly. But from the last six to seven months this number has started increasing again. Currently, around 850 million people practice yoga around the world. 44 percent of them do yoga 3 days a week. 37% of children around the world also practice yoga. It is said that Shankar performed about 84 lakh yoga postures on Mount Kailash. At that very moment the Saptarishi came and sat there. He remained there the whole time. At that time Shankara accepted him as a disciple.

Now many types of yoga postures are found all over the world. Among them, Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga are more popular. But it has to be said that there is still not much awareness among Indians about yoga asanas. Because only 7 percent of the 650 million Indians practice yoga.

Yogasanas and Myths

We still think that yoga is an exercise for weight loss…but first clear this misconception. Yoga increases your strength. It gives you a different direction to think about every event that happens in life. Gives the ability to face every good and bad event in life boldly. You don’t see your problems as problems. You see them as opportunities. Pavlopawali gives an understanding of giving respect to everyone you meet. Gives an eye to recognize each individual’s potential.

This gives you a habit of helping the other person overcome depression. You were forgiving to everyone. If you practice Samrasun Yoga, there comes a time when you feel the God within you. communicate with him. Tell God the problems of people near and far from you and ask for answers. She gives lots of positivity and mother’s love to everyone who comes in front of her. If you go beyond that, you take advantage of every opportunity.

All these things are available but if you practice yoga asanas, believe in yoga asanas and only then… want it all? Then do yoga.

I wish we could do asanas everyday

Yogasanas are made up of simple movements that we do every day. Let’s say I don’t have time to exercise. But is it true…? Pray every day? Yes! Do Tadasana daily? Yes! Do you do malasana everyday? Yes! Do Marjarasana everyday? Yes! Do you do Janunasana everyday? Yes! Do Utkatasana daily? Yes! Look, we do at least five to six asanas daily. Housewives get slightly more seats. You already know some names of these asanas. But you must have thought that when we do this asana… see! We do shavasana every day which means we sleep. After getting up from sleep, standing, stretching the whole body, raising the arms, spreading the legs, laziness is called Tadasana …

Bending at least ten to fifteen times a day is Janunasana… Sitting for at least 9 hours a day is Utkatasana… Standing like a cat on the mattress before going to bed is Marjarasana… The difference is that we Do these asanas as part of their daily work or work. Name the yogasana in front of anyone who does not exercise and immediately smile and tell me that I love Shavasana and I do it every day.

Body is needed. But do we do Shavasan right… the answer is yours. Do you feel refreshed when you open your eyes after doing shavasana? If the answer is no, you have missed the funeral. How it says Shavasana means to calm the body. Deep breath. So full that oxygen reaches from the toe nails to the ends of the hair of the head. Baba talking to every part of you, I am because you are, so if you are being neglected, tell me immediately, Baba. If I am believing you, then hurt me and tell me, Baba… Breathe in the air that is giving you, Baba… Connect your mind to each and every part. Give thanks to every part. Take a deep breath With each breath, merge the negative thoughts, the negative events of life into infinity. See if you feel refreshed when you wake up.

Do yoga as a passion, not as a fashion. Do it as an integral part of life, not as part of work. Exercise daily like you breathe daily. If you want to be successful in life then do yoga. As I say, do shavasana.


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