Instagram exact location: Viral post spreading misinformation leads to meme-fest, company clarifies

Instagram Precise Location: Viral Posts Spreading Misinformation Lead to Meme-Fest, Company Clarifies

Instagram has clarified that it doesn’t share locations with others and uses ‘exact location’ for things like location tags as well as map features. The response from the Meta-owned company came after multiple accounts shared a message claiming that an update to Instagram could let followers of iPhone users know their exact location. The message, as expected, was widely praised for making people aware of the dangers posed by the availability of their exact location. However, this turns out to be misinformation and shows how misinformed social media users can be.

exact location of instagram on iphone

While the origin of this misinformation (Instagram .) It’s called a ‘meme’) is not known, a message widely circulated on the photo and video sharing platform suggests that iPhone users are at risk of exposing their ‘exact location’ to their Instagram followers who are at risk of stealing and stalking criminals. can inspire you to help. The message reads that if a user tags a location on their post, their exact location (versus the wider location) will be shared with their followers.

Instagram responded by clearing the air on the matter. The Meta-owned platform claimed that it does not share a user’s location with others. It works the same way as other social media companies and “we use accurate location for things like location tags and map features.” It also says that users have the right to manage location services through their device settings. However, it should be noted that you may not enjoy the experience that you have now.

Consider a scenario where you have gone to an awesome resort with a luxurious, peaceful atmosphere and you want to brag about your discovery on your social media handles. You simply take out your phone, click an image, search for the name of the resort, tag it and tap Share. People will know which resort you are in and will want to know more about it. This is only possible because you have given Instagram permission to access your exact location. This can be done on both iOS and Android.

This is the same facility that allows you to book your Uber and Ola cabs. The same feature helps you to reach a destination properly. And it’s completely opt-in. You don’t want to share your location, well, don’t share it. But then you won’t be able to tag and brag about that awesome resort, or the fabulous restaurant you went to with your friends this weekend.

The above ‘meme-fest’ could be another example of misinformation being spread without any solid proof. While it’s true that Instagram and many other apps access your exact location, it comes with a bunch of other things. It is wrong to add false information to a fact and then spread fear in the community.

We have reached out to Instagram seeking further clarification on this and also how it handles such matters. We will update the story once we get a response from the company.


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