Indiscriminate firing in Sweden’s shopping mall, 1 killed, 44 killed in firing so far this year

Indiscriminate firing in Sweden's shopping mall, 1 killed, 44 killed in firing so far this year


Shooting at Malmö Shopping Center in Sweden
Firing injured person dies
44 people have died in firing this year

Stockholm. There are often reports of shootings in public places in America. But this time the news of shooting is from Sweden. A man was injured and died in a shooting at a shopping center in Sweden on Friday. According to the police, a woman injured in the attack is in the hospital, where she is undergoing treatment. According to an official statement, one person was injured in the firing while a woman is undergoing treatment. Police have arrested the suspected shooter in the incident from the southern city of Malmö.

According to AFP, police have denied any terrorist link to the incident. Local media, quoting eyewitnesses, said the suspect fired indiscriminately at the crowd, but this was not confirmed by the police. In July, three people were killed in a shooting at a shopping mall in the Danish capital Copenhagen, about 30 kilometers from Malmö.

Mass killings are on the rise in Sweden and are on top of voters’ concerns ahead of next month’s election, according to Reuters. According to police, 44 people have been shot and killed in Sweden so far this year. Almost all of these murders are linked to suspected gang crimes. At the same time, 46 people died in gang crimes in 2021.

Malmö city police representatives will hold a press conference on Saturday morning. Earlier, the police had said that they have cordoned off the area and asked people to go to the shopping center to escape.

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