India’s Mangalyaan ended after 8 years of hard work

India's Mangalyaan ended after 8 years of hard work

ISRO Mangalyaan Mission: ISRO’s (ISRO) Mars Mission (Mission Mangal) is finally over. work for eight years Mangalyaan Contact is lost. With this, the eight-year long Mars Orbiter Mission (Mars Orbiter Mission-MOM) has finally come to an end. After the Martian ran out of fuel and the battery went down, contact with the Martian was lost. ISRO successfully launched Mars mission. Initially planned for only six months, the attraction lasted for eight years. For eight years eight days, Mangalyaan was working continuously in space.

India set foot on Mars in its first attempt

Mars mission was launched in 2013. Mangalyaan was launched from Sriharikota on 5 November 2013. On 24 September 2014, Mangalyaan reached the orbit of Mars. With the successful mission to Mars, India became the first country to reach Mars in its first attempt. 450 crores were spent on Mars mission. Over the course of eight years, Mangalyaan sent many pictures of Mars to Earth. This has greatly benefited the scientists in research.

lost contact with mars

According to the information given by ISRO to news agency PTI, ‘The fuel in Mangalyaan is now completely exhausted. The spacecraft’s battery has also completely failed. The ties with ISRO Mangalyaan have also been broken. Meanwhile, ISRO has not given any information about this from its official Twitter account.


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