India’s first portal on arrested narcotics criminals, named Nidan, is operational

India’s First Portal on Arrested Narcotics Offenders, Named NIDAAN, Gets Operational

Officials said a first-of-its-kind database of arrested drug offenders has been made operational for use by various central and state prosecuting agencies working for enforcement of anti-drug laws in the country.

The portal – the National Integrated Database on Diagnosed or Arrested Narco-offenders – has been developed by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB).

It is part of the Narcotics Coordination Mechanism (NCORD) portal which was launched by Union Home Minister Amit Shah during the National Conference on ‘Drug Trafficking and National Security’ in Chandigarh on July 30.

The NIDAAN platform derives its data from ICJS (Inter-operable Criminal Justice System) and e-Jail (a cloud-based application) repositories and plans to integrate it with the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System or CCTNS in the future. a senior official said.

ICJS, an initiative of the Supreme Court’s e-Committee, was created to enable seamless transfer of data and information between various pillars of the criminal justice system such as courts, police, prisons and forensic science laboratories from a single platform.

NCB Director General SN Pradhan told PTI, “Diagnosis is a one-stop solution for all drug offenders’ related data and as an effective tool for investigating agencies to connect the dots during investigation of drug cases. will help.”

He said the idea of ​​creating such a portal was to enhance the capacity of all law enforcement agencies working against drug offenses.

NIDAAN hosts data about accused who have been arrested and imprisoned for drug offenses and who “directly or indirectly produce, manufacture, capture, sell, purchase, transport, storage, use, Consumption, inter-state import and export includes “import into India, export from India or transport of any narcotic substance or psychotropic substance.” As per the blueprint prepared for the operation and use of the Portal, any The agency can search crime history, personal details, fingerprints, court cases and appeals made etc. In respect of drug offender from any part of the country.

The login ID and password for the portal for use by various central and state anti drug units can be obtained either from the CCTNS administrator and the agencies which already have the login credentials on the ICJS portal can use it to conduct the diagnostics. for, a senior official said.

The official said a unique feature called ‘criminal network’ on the portal can also be accessed by agencies, as part of which specific links of an accused to other offenses, police FIRs and those visiting them in jail can also be traced. can be imposed, the official said.

The NIDAAN portal is a workspace envisaged under the NCORD and was considered during a national meeting on drug issues chaired by Home Minister Shah in Delhi in December last year.

During the meeting, Shah also talked about several other plans to strengthen the coordination mechanism on drug issues, such as asking all the states to form a dedicated Anti-Narcotics Task Force (ANTF) which will be conducted at the state level. NCORD could also function as Secretariat. The statement said.

The minister had directed the agencies to take some important measures like “National NCORD Portal (Diagnostics being a part of it), constitution of Inter-Ministerial Standing Committees (IMCs) to formulate effective policies regarding dual use prescriptions.” drugs and antecedents, creation of a national narco-canine pool and establishment of de-addiction centers in all prisons of the 272 most drug-affected districts, etc.


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