Government will give subsidy of Rs 23 lakh for shade net and green house, know the details of the scheme and how to apply

सरकार तुम्हाला देणार 23 लाखांची सबसिडी... काय आहे योजना वाचाच

Popat Pitekar, Zee Media, Mumbai: The population of the country is increasing day by day. On the other hand, the land belonging to agriculture is continuously decreasing. In such a situation, farmers have started turning to new options for agriculture. In such a situation, under the Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana, the central and state governments are providing various subsidies to the farmers for farming. (Government should give subsidy of Rs 23 lakh for shade net and green house, know the details of the scheme and how to apply)

Farmers are now turning to shade net houses, greenhouses and polyhouses for cultivation in less space. But in India still the number of farmers cultivating under this technology is very less.

Poly houses, shade net houses are used for growing off-seasonal fruits and vegetables. Both these methods can be very beneficial to get more production in less area.

Various types of fruits are produced in the polyhouse by creating a nutritious environment for the crops. The external environment has no effect on the crops.

At the same time, those crops are selected for cultivation in other shadenet houses. Crops which require less sunlight are selected for cultivation in other shade net houses. Along with this, such crops are grown which cannot grow in high temperature. The polyhouse is completely covered with polythene seats. The shade net house is made of mesh fabric like a mosquito net.

how to get a grant

Each beneficiary is given subsidy up to a maximum of 4 thousand square meters. It is necessary to do the work of Green House, Shed Net House only through a contracting firm.

Green House, Shednet House will not be compelled to take loan from the bank. If farmers need loan, it will be given through assistant director or deputy director of agriculture. Farmers will be given loans through banks according to their cost for greenhouse construction.

how to apply?

For Green Shednet House construction you need to apply online with grant application, small-margin certificate, soil, water test report and quote from contracting firm. Based on that administrative approval will be given by the office.

The concerned farmer will have to deposit the amount of the field in the district office. After depositing the amount in the district office, the concerned firm will be informed by the district office. After placing the work order by the construction firm within 10 days of your intimation, the work value will be guaranteed as per the district work rules.

How much is the grant?

The amount for the construction of Green Shednet House will be deposited by the farmer to the concerned District Horticulture Development Committee. Physical verification will be done within 7 days after the completion of construction by the farmer informing the office.

The name of the farmer, year of establishment, total area subsidized under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana should be written on the Green Shednet House. Farmers will be given 50 percent subsidy of the unit cost. But 20% subsidy is given by the head of the state to small, marginal, scheduled caste, scheduled tribe farmers. That is, these farmers will get 70 percent subsidy. This subsidy figure may vary from state to state.

The cost of construction of 4 thousand square meter polyhouse is Rs 33 lakh 76 thousand i.e. Rs 844 per square meter.

According to this, after getting 70 percent subsidy to the farmers, an amount of Rs 23 lakh will be given as subsidy by the government. At the same time, about 28 lakh rupees have been spent on the construction of shade net house. Out of which Rs 19 lakh will be given as subsidy.


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