Finland’s PM Sana Marine’s ‘drug test report’ negative, the party’s VIDEO went viral

Finland's PM Sana Marine's 'drug test report' negative, the party's VIDEO went viral

Helsinki: The drug test report of Finland’s Prime Minister Sana Marin has come negative. Recently, a video of Sana partying with her friends went viral on social media, due to which she was embroiled in controversies. Opposition leaders alleged that Finnish PM Sana Marine was dancing under the influence of alcohol during the party. He asked Sana Marine to undergo a drug test.

Sana Marine had earlier refused to undergo a drug test. But later he got the test done at his own expense, the report of which came negative. However, he had earlier clarified that he had not consumed any kind of drugs during the party. Ida Wallin, special adviser to Finland’s prime minister, told AFP news agency Sana Marin’s urine sample was taken for drug testing. There is no evidence of drugs in his sample.

Sana Marine was saddened by the release of the video
Significantly, the video of Finland’s PM Sana Marine partying went viral. In the video, she is seen dancing with some of her friends. With this viral video, she not only came in the media headlines, but also came under the target of opposition leaders. PM Sanna Marin said that he was aware that a video of him was being made in the party, but he was upset that someone made it public. Sana Marin said, ‘Yes, I partyed, sang and danced. It is not illegal to do so.” He also said that he never touched drugs in his lifetime.

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Sana Marine is the world’s youngest PM
Finland’s opposition leader Rika Purra said PM Sanna Marin should be drug tested. Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin is the youngest PM in the world. She was also seen having fun with friends in many parties. He was criticized a lot for partying even during the Corona period, after which he apologized. German news outlet Bild named Sanna Marin the coolest PM in the world.

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