Fearing the threat of terrorism, the US decided to leave Afghanistan

Fearing the threat of terrorism, the US decided to leave Afghanistan


Fearing this threat, America decided to leave Afghanistan
The information of the intelligence agency CIA is now proving to be true to a large extent.
Most of the CIA’s money and resources are focused on China

Washington. The United States decided to leave Afghanistan a year ago after realizing that China posed a greater threat to its country than terrorism. After the events of Taiwan, now the news of its intelligence agency CIA is proving to be true to a large extent. At a recent in-camera meeting of officials from the intelligence agency’s counter-terrorism center, a second-rank CIA officer made it clear that fighting al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups would be a priority. But now the agency’s money and resources have shifted sharply to focus on China.

According to a report by AP news agency, CIA Deputy Director David Cohen said in a meeting held a few weeks ago that the US would continue to pursue terrorists. But the top priority at this time is to better understand China’s moves and try to counter them. A year after leaving Afghanistan, US President Joe Biden and top national security officials are talking less about terrorism and more about the political, economic and military threats posed by China and Russia. Along with peace within intelligence agencies, hundreds of officers are being deployed at China-centric posts.

China conducted massive military exercises and threatened to cut Taiwan’s ties with the US after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. The US has long been concerned about China’s growing political and economic ambitions. China has tried to influence elections in several countries, launched cyber and corporate espionage campaigns, and detained millions of minority Uighurs in camps.

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Some experts also believe that Beijing will try to occupy Taiwan by force in the coming years. Intelligence officials have said that there is a need to keep a close watch on China as it has also been accused of hiding information about the Kovid-19 epidemic. There is a section in America who believes that Russia and China are a big threat to America’s existence. Terrorist groups like Al Qaeda will not be able to destroy the American way of life. The way China can.

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