Electricity crisis in California amid scorching heat! Can’t charge car, warns of power cut

 Electricity crisis in California amid scorching heat!  Can't charge car, warns of power cut


It is getting very hot in California these days.
The grid operator has issued a power cut warning.
Chances of blackout on Wednesday too, people will be affected by the heat

California. The US state of California is facing severe heat these days. Record-breaking heatwaves and current weather conditions are the latest signs of climate change in the US. Aam Jana Jeevan Bahl Hai Se Bishan Summer Hai. Here the warning of power cut of grid operators has proved difficult and binding for the people. The grid operator has warned of a possible power crisis. It is believed that this could lead to a blackout on Wednesday. Also, people are prohibited from charging electric cars during peak hours.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, officials have asked people to save electricity between 4 pm and 9 pm local time on Wednesday. At that time the temperature goes above 100 °F (38 °C). It is the biggest test for California’s grid since the summer of 2020. Two years back there was a severe power crisis in some parts of the state.

Ukraine-Russia war exacerbates energy crisis
The current crisis comes as the war between Ukraine and Russia is exacerbating the energy crisis in Europe. Meanwhile, the grid operator’s warning has highlighted the dire crisis around the world amid rising record temperatures due to climate change. California Governor Gavin Newsom issued an order on Wednesday ordering emergency power supply shutdowns.

The Governor said during the press conference that it is quite clear that nature has left us behind. The reality is that we live in an age of extreme heat and extreme drought. According to the grid operator, electricity demand in California is expected to be 48 gigawatts on Monday and Tuesday next week, the highest demand since 2017.

Officials are expecting power cuts during some of the most critical hours starting Wednesday night. Additional power supply is being arranged as a backup to prevent blackouts.

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