Drought can be so dangerous, it may be death or some other secret!

Drought can be so dangerous, it may be death or some other secret!


About 50 cows died in Italy
Prussic acid kills cattle
Prussic acid is found in jowar plants

Rome. Drought has been blamed for the sudden deaths of dozens of cows at Italy’s Piedmont farm. According to the local IZS animal welfare body, cattle died from prussic acid on a farm in Somariva del Bosco in northwestern Italy on August 6. This acid is found in sorghum plants, said Stefano Giantin, a veterinarian at Istituto Zooprophylatico spearmantel (Istituto Zooprophylatico spearmantel). As far as we are concerned the prussic acid content in these plants has increased due to drought. Generally, as the plant grows, the amount of acid decreases. But their development has stopped due to drought.

Prussic acid is very dangerous to cattle. If it goes inside them once, then its effect starts showing in 10-15 minutes. After that he dies. According to an AFP report, doses of more than 700 mg of prussic acid are considered dangerous for cattle. But more than 900 milligrams were found in the blood of Somariva’s animals.

Italy’s longest river is drying up, was bombed during World War I

What is the way to save?
Experts said one way to save the affected cows is to inject them with sodium thiosulfate. in order to neutralize hydrogen cyanide. Earlier on August 11, experts had saved 30 cows from dying. When a similar incident happened at three other farms in Piedmont.

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