Dragon’s craze over Taiwan issue, military study gave US a chance for spying

Dragon's craze over Taiwan issue, military study gave US a chance for spying


US gathers intelligence from China’s massive military exercises around Taiwan
China’s forces are open pole with their command, control and communications systems
America has deployed several intelligence gathering ships near Taiwan

Washington, China wants to warn the US of large military exercises around Taiwan, but its stake now seems too heavy for it. The US and its allies saw this as an opportunity to gather intelligence and managed to collect a lot of useful information. China’s four days of intense military drills last week and extended military drills this week gave the US a chance to test missiles that China could use in any future attack. Analysts say the US and its allies have not received enough information about China’s military as well as its command, control and communications systems.

According to a report by news agency Reuters, in this military exercise, China has studied the location of ballistic missiles and air and sea attacks in the Taiwan Strait for the first time. US military officials have acknowledged an ongoing data-gathering operation in the matter. However, he believes that China is unlikely to bear its best tactics and weapons during the study. Because he also knows that he is being closely monitored. While security analysts say the military study, rather than weapons, provided a prime opportunity to gain insight into key elements of the Chinese military – such as China’s Forward Theater Command, its Rocket Force and its Strategic Support Force.

Dragon threat to Taiwan neutralized, Latvia, Estonia withdraw from China cooperation group

The US has deployed at least four warships, including the USS Reagan aircraft carrier, east of Taiwan during military exercises with China. They form around the Philippine Sea to the east of Taiwan. These include aircraft and a missile surveillance ship. Taiwan also flew its domestic albatross reconnaissance drone during the Chinese study. US military officials said any intelligence analysis would take time.

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