Destruction will come! Russia has become ‘Super Soldier’, in which there will be neither pain nor any emotion?

 Destruction will come!  Russia has become 'Super Soldier', in which there will be neither pain nor any emotion?


According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, these soldiers will be more dangerous than nuclear weapons
Russia has also designed a modern driverless military truck for this army.
Such soldiers can kill hundreds without fear or pain

Moscow, Russia’s state-of-the-art military expo has once again sparked a debate about Putin’s super soldiers. At this military expo, more than 28,000 ‘modern samples of military and dual-use products’ are being displayed by 1,500 Russian manufacturers to representatives from 72 countries. Any country can guess the military power of Russia by looking at the consignment of very state-of-the-art weapons here. Not only military equipment, but Russia is now building a super army in its army. According to a report in The Sun, Russia displayed some soldiers at the expo with multiple wires attached to their heads. According to the report, a Russian army officer was doing a brain test of his soldiers. In the photo, a trainee soldier in Russian military uniform can be seen tied up by an officer.

Earlier, Putin claimed five years ago to have created a genetically modified ‘super soldier’ ​​who would be unable to feel the fear of pain. Now this is becoming a reality from the glimpses of the Military Expo of Russia. Not only was Putin talking about genetically changing humans, but Russia has also developed robots equipped with advanced technology. In the story of a comic book superhero, Russia has developed a robotic dog that can fire rockets with a grenade launcher mounted on its back. This robot wore a ninja-like outfit. This robotic dog is also capable of lying on the floor, making it difficult for enemies to detect it. Later it can launch deadly attacks on the enemy with the help of its sensors.

How to be Super Soldiers
According to Russian President Putin, he wants to create an army that does not fear or feel pain from any weapon in war. Addressing students directly at a youth festival organized by the World Federation of Democratic Youth, Putin shared his concept of super soldiers. According to Putin, his scientists have come very close to making genetic changes so that these future soldiers can endure any pain. Russia is engaged in making super soldiers by genetic modification. According to Putin, these soldiers will be more dangerous than nuclear weapons. According to Putin, a super soldier can be a talented mathematician, a brilliant musician or a soldier, a person who can fight without fear, compassion, regret or pain.

However, Putin also made it clear that the world must come together to develop ethical guidelines for super soldiers.

There will be no pain, the consequences will be very bad
When Super Soldiers no longer feel both fear and pain, they will be ready to face any major attack. In such a situation, this army is considered very dangerous. If Russia were to build this army, an army of mass-killing super soldiers would become a threat to the West.

Russia’s super soldiers will be armed with lethal robotic dogs that can quickly destroy any target with a grenade launcher mounted on their back. Russia has also developed a driverless military truck for this army. This truck can easily run at a speed of 80 kmph without any human assistance. Russia has also been encouraging countries around the world to buy its military equipment through its military expo. Russia lags behind the US in terms of arms sales.

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