Delhi Crime Season 2 Release Date & Time, Cast, Review, Story, Episodes, and more

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Delhi Crime Season 2 – on Netflix on Friday – sees Shefali Shah returning to the field as the DCP of the Delhi Police Force. In the first season to solve the 2012 Nirbhaya rape case, DCP Vartika Chaturvedi and her team are back to investigate a fictitious account. raw material The story of Gangs Delhi Crime Season 2 – inspired by real-life events in northern India – follows an oil group of killers who target the homes of vulnerable senior citizens. To recall, Delhi Crime Season 1 received the International Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series, becoming the first Indian show to achieve the feat.

However, this new chapter is not conceived by producer Richie Mehta, who wrote and directed the first season of the show to its global fame. With Delhi Crime Season 2, Netflix has given the torch to Tanuj Chopra (Punching at the Sun), who directs from a screenplay that has six contributors. “The one thing I learned about Delhi Crime is the amount of research that goes into producing the show. Not all of this is reflected in hard and fast detail on screen, but it is the premise on which we build our narrative,” Chopra said in a prepared statement.

While the audience dramatized this painful case, Chopra believes that she eventually fell in love with the characters. He wants to expand on this in Delhi Crime Season 2, as we go further into the personality of the protagonist and his development since the last chapter. The trailers of Delhi Crime Season 2 also point to some socio-political observations that revolve around the class divide in society – or simply put, the ongoing struggle of the elite versus the poor. DCP Chaturvedi also notes this division as one of the reasons for the high crime rate in the city, as cases keep rising before it is time for either one to be solved.

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As stated earlier, we are dealing with raw material Gangs on Delhi Crime Season 2, who spread panic in the homes of senior citizens in Delhi in the middle of the night. Their modus operandi included ransacking and entering wealthy homes, and killing residents if they failed to comply. Curiously, all of the gang members would be dressed in their underclothes – thus the name of the affiliation – and would have oil suds all over their bodies, making them difficult to catch during the chase. Delhi Crime Season 2 chronicles the police investigation around these attacks, albeit in a fictional way.

With that, here’s what you need to know about Delhi Crime Season 2.

delhi crime season 2 release date and time

Delhi Crime Season 2 will release on Friday, 26 August at 12:30 PM IST worldwide exclusively on Netflix.

Those interested will need a subscription plan starting from Rs. 149 for mobile and Rs. 199 for the basic plan, which lets you stream to TV or laptop but only in SD resolution.

Like the first season, Delhi Crime Season 2 is expected to release in Hindi, with dubs in English, Telugu and Tamil – although there is no official word from Netflix yet.

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Shefali Shah returns as DCP Vartika Chaturvedi in Delhi Crime Season 2
photo credit: netflix

delhi crime season 2 episode

Delhi Crime Season 2 will consist of five episodes, each of which is expected to run for 45-60 minutes. The first season had seven episodes, which chronicled the shocking gang rape case from 2012. With Mehta pushed over the edge as a producer, this new chapter will be directed by Rajesh Mapuskar and Tanuj Chopra.

The screenplay is written by a team of six: Mayank Tiwari (Bard of Blood), Shubhra Swaroop (The Forgotten Army), Vidit Tripathi (Guggle), and Ensia Mirza (Ghost Stories) taking over the main narrative aspects. Meanwhile, Samyukta Chawla Shaikh (non-stop) and Virat Basoya (What’s up, Mr. Panchal?) contribute to the dialogues.

delhi crime season 2 cast

Since this chapter serves as a sequel, fans will see a lot of faces from the previous seasons. After the global success of Darlings earlier this month, Shah is back on screen in Delhi Crime Season 2, reprising his role as DCP Chaturvedi of South District in Delhi. leading the investigation of the case raw material Gangs, she struggles to live up to the high expectations, as residents begin to protest against the incompetence of her police force.

Delhi Crime Season 2 also sheds light on the morality aspect of a cop, with Chaturvedi taking pity on misbehaving with underprivileged suspects. “In the first season, there was no wavering of the moral compass,” Shah said in a Interview, details of his character development. “It was very straightforward. Vartika felt anger, frustration and pain, but now even though there is evidence pointing in a certain direction and there is a process she must follow, her instinct resists.”

Meanwhile, after a victorious victory in the Nirbhaya case three years ago, Neeti Singh, played by Rasika Dugal, has been promoted from a trainee to ACP. The character has matured into an officer with authority, though he still needs help with his anger issues. Dugal said, “In Delhi Crime Season 1, I did the shadow of a lady cop, who was also a probationer.” Interview, “So, when the shooting of Season 2 was about to begin, I contacted her, and she told me that she was promoted to ACP and posted in Chandigarh.” Duggal shadowed her again and spent more than a week in the office to prepare for the role.

Adil Hussain is placed third in the list as Police Commissioner Kumar Vijay, who slaps Chaturvedi’s head all the time to get a crack in the case. Serving as a senior officer also means protecting the people under him, and judging by the trailers of Delhi Crime Season 2, it seems Vijay is at his peak, with every rising murder in the district as his team. I am losing patience and confidence.

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Rajesh Tailang inline image Delhi Crime S2 Rajesh Tailang

Rajesh Tailang reprises his role as Inspector Bhupendra Singh
photo credit: netflix

Rajesh Tailang (Mirzapur) returns in Delhi Crime Season 2 as Inspector Bhupendra Singh, working directly under Chaturvedi and as an emotional support in difficult times. As a character, he has lost all hope in the city of Delhi and has become accustomed to increasing crime rate over time. “I live in Delhi. So, whether it is the Nirbhaya case or any other incident, as an actor, it gives me an additional trigger. References to real life and personal experiences help me perform,” Tailang said in a Interview,

Denzil Smith – known for Tenet and The Lunchbox – returns as Vishal Chaturvedi. As Vartika’s husband, he adds an extra touch of family drama and support when residents of their apartment complex start shooting low-level employees for fear of murder in Delhi Crime Season 2.

New additions include Gopal Dutt, of AIB fame, as Sub Inspector Sudhir Kumar, and Siddharth Bhardwaj as Station House Officer Subhash Gupta – both part of Chaturvedi’s less-staffed force.

Delhi Crime Season 2 Synopsis

Here is the official synopsis for Delhi Crime Season 2 from Netflix:

After a violent quadruple murder creates fear among the public and widens New Delhi’s class divide, DCP Vartika and her team rush to find the killers, before they attack the city’s vulnerable senior citizens again.

This time, in Season 2, Delhi Police will be seen investigating a series of murders involving senior citizens, led by their own ‘Madam Sir’. While all the evidence points towards the return of the gruesome Kachcha-Baniya gang that has created panic among the public, Madam Sir and his team will be seen delving deeper to solve the case and uncover the truth.

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acp inline image delhi crime season 2

Neeti Singh (Rasika Duggal) has been made Assistant Commissioner of Police.
photo credit: netflix

delhi crime season 2 trailer

Netflix released the official teaser of Delhi Crime Season 2 on July 22, setting the tone for the upcoming series, as Shah’s voiceover details the difference between the rich and the poor. Plot details were kept in the dark, focusing mainly on the general crime rate and how it affects the police and citizens of Delhi’s South District. At the time, Netflix also announced the release date of the series’ second season – August 26.

On August 8, Netflix released a full-length trailer for Delhi Crime Season 2 – this time, focusing more on the crimes and modus operandi. The killings created panic across the state, prompting many “rich people” to fire lower-level workers such as security guards and sweepers, triggering a trend of social boycotts. Chaturvedi also blames the social system for the high crime rate, stating, “There are no born criminals.”

delhi crime season 2 review

At the time of publication, there’s no word on when the first review is expected. As with earlier Netflix Indian originals, reviews are usually restricted until the time of release.

Delhi crime season 2 poster

Here is the official poster of Delhi Crime Season 2 from Netflix:

delhi crime s2 poster delhi crime s2 poster

Delhi Crime Season 2 Official Poster from Netflix
photo credit: netflix


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