Couples do pre marriage test before marriage

लग्नाआधी नक्की करा 'या' Tests, नाहीतर वैवाहिक आयुष्यात....

Medical tests for joints: Certain criteria are always kept in mind before deciding to get married. From the job of the partner to his character, all the issues are taken seriously at this time. Those who say that we do not care about planets and stars, they also clear their doubts by looking at the horoscope. Medical examination should also not be neglected in this. These tests are very important for the future of the bride and groom. So that you will not face any problem in future.

Blood Group Test: Blood group and blood test is always good. A notable factor in this is Rh. If the Rh of the husband and wife is not compatible, then many problems arise in the birth of the child.

Genotype Test: The genes of the parents are passed on to the children. In such a situation, it is always beneficial to get a genotype test done before marriage. So that in case of any problem, you can be informed immediately.

Complete blood count (CBC test): CBC test should be done to know the health of any person. It gives information about diseases like anemia, infection, inflammation, bleeding disorder or leukemia.

Thalassemia-Haemophilia Test: Thalassemia-Haemophilia may adversely affect children in future. So do not avoid doing this test before marriage.

Mental health status: For a happy married life, it is necessary for both the husband and wife to be in a good state of mental health. So there is nothing wrong in having all the information about it.

Fertility Test: After marriage most of the couples want to have a child. However, it is beneficial to get a fertility test done in the beginning so that the future is not complicated.

HIV and STD Testing: These are diseases that spread easily from person to person through physical contact. So make sure that your partner does not have any such disease.

(The above references are written for informational purposes only. Consult an expert before taking a decision.)


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