Chris Rock will not talk about Will Smith’s slap scandal, comedian will tell why he is surprised

Chris Rock will not talk about Will Smith's slap scandal, comedian will tell why he is surprised

Oscar 2022 (Oscar 2022) This time who will be remembered for slaps more than films. The way actor Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock in every match was astonishing. Although Will later apologizes to Chris, it is still being discussed. Chris never made any statement on this matter. Recently, during his stand-up comedy show, he made fun of politicians and celebrities but only mentioned the incident during the Oscars.

There is a lot of crowd in the stand up show of famous comedian Chris Rock. Chris made people laugh a lot during his show, but when asked about the controversy during the Oscars, he said that he would not comment until he was paid for it.

Chris wants to be paid to talk about the slap scandal
During a stand-up comedy show in California, Chris jokingly said, ‘I’m fine, I’ve got a whole show and I won’t talk in Hum Naked’ until I tell you. Zindagi acchi hai ..’ The audience gave a standing ovation after Chris’s show ended.

The Academy has banned Will Smith for 10 years
The Academy has banned Will Smith from attending the Oscars for 10 years after a worldwide slapping scandal broke out. Regarding this, Will said in a statement that ‘the Academy respects this decision. Let us inform that Will won the Best Actor Award for his stellar performance in the film ‘King Richard’.

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Chris Rock’s popularity soars
However, after this controversy, the popularity of Chris Rock has doubled. He is getting the benefit of this on the comedy tour. If media reports are to be believed, the beautiful Mehboa has been brilliant in Chris’s stand-up comedy show. With the increase in demand for the show, the price of tickets for the show has also increased.

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