China reacts like ‘bullies’ to my visit to Taiwan: Nancy Pelosi

China reacts like 'bullies' to my visit to Taiwan: Nancy Pelosi


US Congress President Nancy Pelosi targets Chinese President
Pelosi said – threat to the President of China
China remained active during Pelosi’s visit, showed power to the world

New York. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Tuesday that Chinese President Xi Jinping is acting like a “bully”, while China’s reaction to Mary’s visit to Taiwan will not scare members of the US Congress. Pelosi said this on NBC’s Today show. He said that Xi Jinping has his own insecurities and is acting like a bully.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe program, Pelosi said that “China cannot control the programs of members of Congress”. We are not going to be an ally of Taiwan’s secession. Referring to China’s economy, Pelosi said, ‘I think it is in a critical place.

China showed its capabilities by encircling Taiwan

Pelosi’s stay in Taiwan last week drew strong backlash from China in the Asia-Pacific region. China demonstrated its ability to encircle Taiwan and launch missiles by conducting military exercises very close to Taipei. Pelosi said her visit was meant to reinforce President Joe Biden’s focus on the region. However, the White House has repeatedly said that the decision to go to Taiwan was made by the House or Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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