‘Buffalo needs glasses’: The buffalo reached close to the lion, then watch the video, what happened next?

'Buffalo needs glasses': The buffalo reached close to the lion, then watch the video, what happened next?

Many such videos (wildlife videos) related to wildlife are becoming viral on social sites, which are surprising to see. One such video is going viral, in which a small buffalo moves very close to a lioness. He had no idea of ​​the danger. The channel that uploaded the video wrote that this buffalo needs glasses. This video is from Kruger National Park in South Africa, in which you can see how the Lion vs Buffalo fight comes out of the mouth of death.

In fact, 48-year-old investment expert Faisal Sharif Noor had gone to Kruger National Park with his cousin and nephew. Then this incident happened and he made a video of it. Talking to LatestSightings.com associated with Kruger National Park, he said that while driving we were returning to Satara for lunch when my nephew saw one or two lions together. A herd of buffaloes was present at some distance from there. One of these lioness slowly hid behind a bush. She was waiting for an opportunity to hunt buffaloes.

At one time it seemed that the lioness would succeed in this, because a buffalo baby had come very close to her while eating grass. A herd was also present behind, but the small buffaloes did not see the lioness at all. Also the lioness did not run. Meanwhile, a buffalo passed by them. Then the eyes of the lioness and the buffalo met. Both laugh for a moment. When the lioness also withdrew out of fear, the buffalo started running away. After this the lioness ran after the herd of buffaloes. However, she could not hunt buffaloes.

Faisal told that I had seen such scenes before, but it was completely different. We were all excited to see a lioness hunt in front of our eyes for the first time, but nothing happened. It was really an interesting sight. The lioness made many strategies to surround her prey and to a large extent she was also successful. But luck was with the buffalo, probably because it escaped death.

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