Black Adam Trailer: Dwayne Johnson Performs As Black Adam, Another Super Superhero Of The World

Black Adam Trailer: Dwayne Johnson Performs As Black Adam, Another Super Superhero Of The World

‘rock’ (Dwayne Johnson, the famous wrestler and actor known as The Rock) is playing the lead role in DC’s Black Adam. The first trailer of ‘Black Adam’ has been released. Looking at the trailer, it seems that this is an exciting story of an iconic character. However, while most superheroes save lives, Dwayne Johnson’s superhero doesn’t shy away from killing people.

The trailer of ‘Black Adam’ begins with the origin story of Black Adam, showing how a superhero transforms from human to human. The trailer gives a glimpse into the modern and historical world, featuring Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate.

Dwayne Johnson’s prediction strong
At the beginning of the video, viewers can see that Dwayne’s character is going through some kind of transformation, he wakes up and remembers his dark past. However, after the change, Dwayne’s character seems difficult to beat. The trailer shows the superheroes swinging between good and evil.

‘Black Adam’ was made late due to epidemic
Apart from Pierce Brosnan, Aldis Hodge and Noah Santino are also seen in the trailer. The film was delayed due to the pandemic. The audience will soon get to see the thrilling story of ‘Black Adam’ on screen. Excited fans of ‘Black Adam’ commented positively on the trailer.

Audience liked ‘Black Adam’
One fan wrote, ‘That’s why Henry Cavill needs to be Superman so we can see this awesome fight.’ Another user commented, ‘This film is really looking good. The Rock is perfect for ‘Black Adam’ and we’re ready to see what real power looks like.’ Another fan commented, ‘Naya badmaash town mein hai.’ Let us tell you that ‘Black Adam’ is directed by Jaime Colette-Serra. The film is all set to hit the theaters on October 21.

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