Big truck overturned on the highway, people fell from the car.

Big truck overturned on the highway, people fell from the car.

You must have seen and heard about many terrible road accidents in which many people lost their lives. But there are many in which the person does not go, but is surprised. Recently this incident also happened in America, where a big truck overturned, but the most surprising thing was that the truck with adult toys overturned, people were shocked and embarrassed.

The I40 road in Oklahoma City, US, was closed for a few hours after a truck overturned on the highway, blocking the road, the Daily Star and the New York Post reported. But what came out of it (adult toys scattered on highways in America) was quite shocking. Drivers of vehicles passing by claimed that adult toys were lying on the road.

news 9 channel video viral
According to the report, the American channel Sky News 9 immediately covered the incident and they reached there by helicopter. When the camera zoomed in on the box, it was found that there was a picture of adult toys outside it. A video related to this incident is also going viral on Twitter which has been posted by the Twitter account @TheLostOgle. In this video you can see that hundreds of coaches are seen on the road and the truck has also overturned.

People made funny comments on the video
Many people commented on this video which has got more than 56 lakh views. Many joked that those who ordered him would watch his life. While some said the company disapproves of such items, they no longer sell them. Many suspected that there was something else in the boxes, but news channels also confirmed that the boxes were adult toys. No one has died in this accident, but people say that even more damage has been done to the customers.

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