Big statement of Bilawal Bhutto, no signs of improvement in Indo-Pak relations

bilaval Bhutto

Breaking NEWS:

Currently, Pakistan is experiencing severe economic crisis. Despite this, the leaders in this country continue to be fascinated with Kashmir. During his visit to New York, Pakistan’s foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto brought up the Kashmir issue once more. He claimed that there is no progress in India and Pakistan’s ties. Pakistan is now dealing with a flood crisis. Despite this, the leaders in this country are using India as a voting bloc. This was remarked by Bhutto in a question-and-answer session after she spoke at a Council on Foreign Relations event in New York.

He was questioned by the media if Pakistan was experiencing flooding. Relations with India cannot be improved in the interim. Bhutto stated that at this time, he does not believe this is possible. India has likewise declined to help the flood victims in any way.

India has changed radically

According to Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, my party and the party of my prime minister have worked to foster good relations with India. We recently moved here from Parvi’s. However, India is fundamentally mistaken. To attend a United UNSC session, Zardari has travelled to New York. He claimed that Pakistan joining India would be extremely challenging.


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