Big relief! WHO said, the rate of monkeypox epidemic in Europe is slowing down

 Big relief!  WHO said, the rate of monkeypox epidemic in Europe is slowing down

Geneva. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), weeks after a sudden increase in monkeypox cases around the world, the pandemic may be slowing. The UN agency reportedly said on Tuesday it had seen “positive” signs that the pandemic was slowing in Europe. “There are encouraging early signs in France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, the UK and other countries that the outbreak may be slowing,” said Hans Klug, WHO’s regional director for Europe.

However, to prevent people from compromising their safety, Klug also advised that more steps need to be taken to eliminate the virus completely. He further said, ‘It has been in the right direction. However, we need to urgently intensify our efforts to end this pandemic in our region.

According to a report released by the WHO on August 25, the number of monkeypox cases worldwide is less than 21 percent last week. The United Nations agency WHO said that 5,907 cases of monkeypox were reported last week. He said that its first case has been reported in two countries Iran and Indonesia. Since the end of April, more than 45,000 cases of monkeypox have been reported in 98 countries.

The WHO said last month that 60 percent of monkeypox cases worldwide originated from the United States. 38 percent of cases occurred in Europe. In early July, WHO-Europe director Hans Kluge said that 90 percent of all cases of infection have been reported in European countries.

UK health officials said last week there were “early signs” that the country’s outbreak of monkeypox was slowing after seeing a drop in daily cases. Based on the latest WHO report, it is believed that the spread of monkeypox in Europe has started decreasing. A total of 53 countries fall under the WHO Europe region, where more than a third of the worldwide monkeypox cases have been reported.

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