Big army in southern Ukraine, Russia! Britain’s disclosure, know what is Putin’s intention

 Big army in southern Ukraine, Russia!  Britain's disclosure, know what is Putin's intention


British Army Intelligence said – units of the Russian army are gathering in southern Ukraine
Russia preparing for a major attack on southern Ukraine!
Fierce fighting in the village of Pisky near Donetsk airport

London. British Army Intelligence has revealed that Russia is possibly mobilizing its forces in southern Ukraine to carry out a major attack. British Army intelligence said on Sunday that Russia’s priority over the past week has been to retrain and strengthen army units to bolster its military operations in southern Ukraine.

Meanwhile, there have been several incidents of heavy firing between Ukraine and Russia over the capture of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine, according to a report by Reuters news agency. Both sides have accused each other of endangering the safety of the nuclear plant. At the beginning of the war, Russian troops occupied the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant.

According to the latest intelligence from British Army Intelligence, the Russian-backed forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic in the Donbass continue to attack north of the city of Donetsk. The British Defense Ministry said in its daily intelligence bulletin on Twitter that a particularly heavy battle is currently underway to capture the village of Pisky, located near the Donetsk airport.

G-7 nations unite to tackle global food crisis triggered by Russo-Ukraine war

Ukraine’s military command said on Saturday that fierce fighting was going on in the former village of Pisky. About which Russia had earlier said that it had established complete control over Pisky. The UK also said that the main reason for the fear of a Russian attack was to secure the ‘M04 highway’. Which is considered the main communication route from the west to Donetsk. Significantly, after the recent Ukrainian airstrike, there was also news of the destruction of several fighter planes at an airbase in Crimea, Russia.

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