Apple increased prices for apps, including in-app purchases on the App Store in many countries

Apple Hikes Pricing for Apps, In-App Purchases on the App Store in Several Countries

Apple announced on Monday that the prices of apps and apps on the App Store will increase in several countries from next month. The prices will apply to all purchases except for auto-renewable subscriptions, according to the Cupertino tech firm. Vietnam price changes will reflect specific, applicable tax collection rules. Apple has informed developers that their sales revenue will be calculated based on tax-exclusive pricing. Developers will also have the option to update or save pricing for existing subscribers.

In a blog post on Monday, Apple said Starting October 5, the price of apps and in-app purchases will be increased in many regions. Countries where apps will become more expensive include Chile, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden and Vietnam. Apple says all regions using the euro currency will also be affected by the price hike.

Apple also said the price increase in Vietnam will reflect new regulations applying to the company, which require it to collect and pay taxes at 5 percent each, including value-added tax and corporate income tax.

Meanwhile, developers were informed that their earnings will be calculated on the price excluding tax and the income from app store sales will be adjusted according to the price change.

The company reminded developers that the price of apps and in-app purchases can be updated, while the price for existing subscribers can also be preserved.


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