Android 13 update broke wireless charging on Pixel phones, Pixel 4 owners most affected: Report

Android 13 Update Broke Wireless Charging on Pixel Phones, Pixel 4 Owners Worst Affected: Report

Google recently released Android 13 for Pixel smartphones and it looks like the update has started causing problems for some Pixel phone users. According to a report, a lot of Pixel users, especially owners of Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphones, have complained that the Android 13 update partially broke the wireless charging feature of the handset. Some users have apparently found a solution and claim that adjusting the settings like adaptive charging can fix the problem.

referring to multiple reddit threads9to5google reports That’s why a lot of Pixel users have been complaining that the wireless charging feature in their phones stopped working almost immediately after the Android 13 upgrade was installed on the phone. The problem seems to have affected several Pixel smartphone models including the latest flagship Pixel 6 series, however, it seems that Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL owners have been affected the most.

Users are also claiming that the problem persists regardless of which charger they use to juice up the handset. Reportedly, Google is yet to acknowledge the problem and there is no information about the cause of the problem. This looks like a software related issue that should be fixed in a later update. Google released the Android 13 software update for Pixel owners last week.

One way to fix the problem is for Pixel owners to go back to Android 12 and install the update once the wireless charging issue is fixed. However, this can only happen with all Pixel phones except the Pixel 6 series, which have received the update. Pixel 6 handsets come with a bootloader update that enhances the anti-roll back version which essentially means that users will not be able to roll back to Android 12 after updating their handset with the latest OS version.

For some Redditors who own Pixel phones, adjusting settings like adaptive charging and “forgetting” the Pixel stand fixed the problem. It is likely that this solution may not work for everyone who is affected.


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