America has declared that Pakistan is a threat to India?

America has declared that Pakistan is a threat to India?


US has approved $450 million in aid to Pakistan.
The US is helping Pakistan to maintain the F-16.
In the year 2018, Donald Trump stopped helping Pakistan’s army.

Washington. Nearly four years later, the Biden administration has allowed Pakistan to buy $450 million worth of equipment for F-16 fighter jets, reversing the decision of former US President Donald Trump. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency gave this information on Wednesday. In the year 2018, Donald Trump stopped providing all military and security equipment to Pakistan. Because Pakistan was accused of not supporting America in the ongoing fight against terrorism. “The State Department has decided to approve the potential foreign military sale of the F-16 Sustainment Case and related equipment to the Government of Pakistan at an estimated cost of US$450 million,” the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) said in a statement. Yes.’

At the same time, the US State Department issued a statement saying that the US government has informed Parliament about the military sale to the Pakistani Air Force. At the same time, the US Defense Ministry has claimed that this proposed sale will not disturb the military balance in South Asia. The US has claimed that the operation of the F-16 aircraft will continue with the help of this force. With this, Pakistan will be able to easily deal with the present and future threats of terrorism. At the same time, G Parthasarathy, a former Indian High Commissioner living in Pakistan, said that the supply of equipment from the US to Pakistan for the F-16 fighter jets worth $ 450 million is a matter of concern.

G Parthasarathy also said that those aircraft have advanced radar and missile capabilities. This was clearly decided to give Pakistan an edge in its combat capabilities. Apart from this, G Parthasarathy said that in the past such capabilities have been used dangerously against us. This is a very clear signal to India that they (USA) are planning to give Pakistan the ability to match us. He also said that we should raise this issue with concern and signals should be sent to the United States not only politically but also in terms of action on issues of their concern. Because this is something we cannot ignore. Let us tell you that with the help of this military equipment, Pakistan’s dangerous F-16 fighter jets will continue to fly in the air.

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First Published: September 08, 2022, 17:02 IST


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