America formed ‘Tiger Team’ to fight China, know what will be its work

America formed 'Tiger Team' to fight China, know what will be its work


US plans to stop China from emerging as arms exporter
The Pentagon will promote the sale of military equipment to its allies and allies
US Defense Department Pentagon formed ‘Tiger Team’ led by senior officials

Washington: The Pentagon launched a massive campaign to promote US arms sales to allies to more effectively deal with China and to replenish the arsenals of countries donating military hardware to Ukraine, the Wall Street Journal reports. Is. The Pentagon set up a task force of senior officials last month to look into persistent inefficiencies in selling expensive US arms to other countries. The country has maintained its position as the top arms exporter for a decade, according to the SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) database, and China is now trying to catch up.

According to a senior defense official, the ‘Tiger Team’ task force will examine ways for the Pentagon to streamline specific aspects of the program, to deliver highly sought-after US drones, weapons, helicopters, tanks and other equipment to partners and allies. Can go move quickly. Most of the arms sales to other countries are done by the Pentagon. The State Department oversees this and uses $45 billion in annual arms sales as a tool in its foreign policy to expand American influence. The US Congress eventually approves all foreign military purchases.

US foreign military sales to decline 31 percent in 2021
Officials working with countries interested in purchasing American weapons should help them formulate their requests so that any ethical or security barriers to the bargaining process can be removed. These US officials will be tasked with streamlining the process and expediting deliveries with the weapons-buying countries.

The US Foreign Military Sales Program has often been criticized for its laxity. For example, the FMS transaction value for 2021 was $34.8 billion, down 31% from fiscal 2020, when the total FMS value was $50.8 billion. The figures for 2021 mark the lowest FMS sales since 2016.

Pentagon is changing its strategy to face the challenge of China
Foreign military sales programs may be delayed because of concerns about the transfer of “sensitive technology” to a country. To counter this, US officials will now examine a country’s military to determine whether it has the necessary personnel and safety measures to operate the machinery. As China emerges as an arms exporter and challenges US influence, the Pentagon is focusing on strengthening and streamlining its sales process.

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