A UN investigative team will visit Ukraine to investigate mass graves

A UN investigative team will visit Ukraine to investigate mass graves

Geneva. The United Nations (UN) investigation team is ready to investigate the mass burial site found in Ukraine (Ukraine). This investigation team will visit the spot and look into all aspects. The head of the investigation team, Eric Mosse, said on Friday that we have decided to go to Ukraine and we will investigate the mass graves. Speaking to the press, Eric Mosse said hundreds of bodies were found in mass graves found in Izium, Ukraine. This is certainly a new phenomenon, but we definitely want to see the Azium phenomenon as well.

Asked whether crimes against humanity have been committed, Musa said the commission is yet to come to the conclusion that both evidence and analysis are lacking. Significantly, a mass grave was found in the city of Izium, Ukraine. It is said that more than 400 bodies were buried in it. This city in the north-eastern region was occupied by the Russian army. President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a televised address that a mass grave had been found here.

More than 400 civilians have been claimed dead

It is not yet clear what happened to the victims. But initial reports suggest that some people died due to shelling and lack of health care. The head of Ukraine’s National Police Service said most of the bodies were of our citizens. Authorities in Ukraine previously reported that more than 400 bodies were buried at the site. The United Nations says it expects figures, analysis and an official report in the coming days. The investigation team will try to find out whether the dead were civilians or military personnel. There are hundreds of graves around the mass grave and nothing has been written about their identity.

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