A rising concern about viewer addiction led Twitch to outlaw unauthorised gambling across all of its services.

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In response to worries about users gambling on the network, Twitch announced on Wednesday that it had blacklisted sites that broadcast unlicensed versions of roulette, dice, and slot machines.

Following allegations that a well-known streamer deceived colleagues and viewers by pretending to have a gambling problem, the Amazon-owned firm decided to tighten its policies as of October 18.

Twitch, a platform known for its live streaming of video games, tweeted that “Gambling material on Twitch has become a significant topic of discussion in the community.”

Although Twitch has already outlawed connections or referral codes from websites that offer slots, roulette, or dice games, the network claims that some users have nevertheless managed to access them through live streaming.

According to Twitch, the majority of gambling games will no longer be allowed to be streamed, but poker, fantasy sports, and sports betting websites will still be permitted.

A ban on gambling on Twitch has been demanded by well-known Twitch users like Pokimane, whose tweet on Wednesday garnered more than 316,000 likes.

In the meantime, the Twitter hashtag #TwitchStopGambling has grown in popularity.

utilising the handle as a streamer Over the weekend, ItsSliker broadcast a video on Twitch revealing that he had stolen money from friends and coworkers, lying about his justifications while using the money for gambling instead.

ItsSliker noted on the video, “This is the definition of a gambling addict.

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