7.6 magnitude earthquake hits Papua New Guinea, no tsunami threat, no one killed

7.6 magnitude earthquake hits Papua New Guinea, no tsunami threat, no one killed


The US Geological Survey detected a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in northeastern Papua New Guinea.
There is no tsunami threat in the area.
Some people may get injured and some property may be damaged due to the intensity of the earthquake.

Washington. The American Geological Survey has detected a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in the northeast of Papua New Guinea. The earthquake occurred at 6:46 am. Preliminary readings placed the epicenter at a depth of 67 kilometers (42 mi) approximately 50 to 60 kilometers (30 to 40 mi) east of Kenantu, a sparsely populated area.

According to the report of news agency AP, NOAA has said that there is no danger of tsunami in the area. There is no information yet about the damage caused by the earthquake. But the USGS estimates that given the magnitude of the earthquake, some casualties and property damage are likely and the impact should be relatively local.

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Papua New Guinea is located in the eastern part of the island of New Guinea, east of Indonesia and north of eastern Australia. It is present on the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean. Which causes earthquakes around the Pacific Ocean. Where the world’s largest earthquakes occur and volcanoes erupt. In 2018, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck the central region of Papua New Guinea. In which at least 125 people were killed. However, the earthquake affected area is a remote and undeveloped area. There may be a delay in getting information about loss of life and property.

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