3-year-old girl who came alive 12 hours after death, was crying from the coffin

3-year-old girl who came alive 12 hours after death, was crying from the coffin

Mexico City. Often we hear such news that some doubts rise again after some death. This is the case of Mexico. Here a 3-year-old girl rose from her coffin after 12 hours of death. According to the New York Post report, 3-year-old Camilla Roxana had a stomach infection. During treatment, the doctors declared the girl dead. After 12 hours, when the baby was placed in the coffin and preparations were being made for the funeral, she came alive.

According to the report, Camilla’s mother Mary Jane Mendoza said that her daughter was vomiting. There was also abdominal pain and fever. She took the child to a pediatrician in Villa de Romas. After examining the condition of the child, the pediatrician asked her to be taken to the community hospital. The girl was treated at the community hospital for dehydration and fever. After that asked to take the girl home.

When the condition of the girl deteriorated, she was brought back to the hospital.
After being brought home, the child’s condition worsened again. When the family took her back to the hospital, after hours of treatment, the doctor declared the girl dead. The child’s mother said she had taken him for an IV drip, but it took time for him to get oxygen. After some time the doctor declared the girl dead.

Steam is visible over the glass in the coffin
12 hours after being declared dead, when preparations were being made for the last rites, the mother of the child saw the steam accumulated on the glass kept in the coffin. He gave this information to the people present there, but no one believed. People said he was sad, so that’s what he looked like. Saying this, people stopped the coffin from opening.

girl called her mother from the coffin
After this the girl and grandmother saw that the pupils of her eyes were moving. Finally the child started crying inside and started making noise. Then the coffin was opened. The child was alive. After which the family immediately took him to the hospital. The doctors checked her up, then the girl was sleepy. The doctor declared him brought dead. According to the State Attorney General, Jose Luis Ruiz, the case is under investigation. The body of the girl is being examined.

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