10 important facts about US Speaker Nancy Pelosi on her visit to Taiwan

10 important facts about US Speaker Nancy Pelosi on her visit to Taiwan

Washington. Despite threats from China, US speaker and veteran Democratic politician Nancy Pelosi is on a tour of Taiwan. While China has accused the US of crossing the “red line”, the visit has been welcomed in Taiwan.

Pelosi has always supported democracy, spent more than three decades in Congress, and has been a vocal opponent of China. In 1991, he raised the flag in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square to honor the victims of violent crackdowns on pro-democracy protesters.

Nancy Pelosi is a popular name these days. Let’s know 10 important things related to them-

  • Pelosi was born in Baltimore to an Italian-American family. His father, Thomas D’Alessandro Jr., served as mayor of Baltimore for 12 years, after representing the city five times in Congress.
  • Pelosi is the 52nd Speaker of the House of Representatives, having made history in 2007 when she became the first woman to serve as Speaker of the House. In January 2019, Pelosi made history again when she finished second in the presidency.
  • He graduated from Trinity College in Washington DC. Pelosi was instrumental in passing several landmark bills in the Obama administration, including the Affordable Care Act, the Consumer Protection Act, and the Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell Repeal Act.
  • Pelosi made the climate crisis a major issue in his presidency. In 2007, he wrote a comprehensive energy law that made America’s domestic biofuels a game-changing commitment.
  • In 2021, when President Trump instigated a violent rebellion targeting the US Capitol and sought to reverse the election results, the House impeached Trump for the second time. Speaker Pelosi led the House in creating a bipartisan select committee to investigate the January 6 attacks.
  • For 35 years, Pelosi has represented Congress and the 12th District of California.
  • Pelosi introduced legislation to create the Presidio Trust and convert San Francisco’s former military outpost into an urban national park.
  • She is second only to Vice President Kamala Harris to run for the presidency, and will be the senior-most American politician to visit the island since Newt Gingrich in 1997.
  • He led the House Democrats for 19 years and served as the first House Democratic whip.
  • There was also the “Pelosi Study”, passed in 1989, which is now a universal tool used to assess the potential environmental impacts of development.

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