Xbox Elite Series 2 – Core controller announced, September 21 launch

Xbox Elite 2 V Core Comparison

Microsoft has unveiled its new Xbox Elite Series 2 – Core Controller. While cheaper than the standard Elite Series 2, the new Core controller offers less performance and lacks the usual replaceable components. You have to buy them separately. Xbox Elite Series 2 – Core Controller price hiked in India on Microsoft website – Rs. 10,990 — although neither Amazon nor Flipkart have it for pre-order. The new Xbox Elite controller will launch on September 21 and will come in white accents.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 – Core is packaged with just the controller, USB Type-C cable, and thumbstick adjustment tool. It doesn’t have all the bonuses of owning a customizable Elite Series 2 controller, including a set of paddles, extra thumbsticks and D-pad, charging case, and charging dock — all of which have to be purchased separately. Build-wise, both controllers are identical, with tactile buttons and a rubber grip on the bottom half. With a low price point of Rs. 10,990What you are giving up here is the number of customizable options.

Xbox Elite 2 V Core Comparison

Side-by-side comparison of Xbox Elite Series 2 and Series 2 – Core Controller
Photo credit: Microsoft

In comparison, the standard Xbox Elite Series 2 controller costs Rs. 17,990, after the recent price hike. The base price of the controller is Rs. 15,990, if you’re not too fussy about customisation, makes the Core series better. Microsoft confirmed that all spare parts will be sold by New.Full component pack,’ which is listed at Rs. 5,290. So, if you buy a pack, then, the entire investment will cost you Rs. 16,280 — now much cheaper than the price of the standard Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.

Last month, Sony also tried their hand at customizable gamepads, introducing the PS5 DualSense Edge controller. Similar to the Xbox Elite Series, it lets you swap thumbsticks, add back buttons, custom button configurations, and create control profiles that can be toggled depending on what game you’re playing.

Pre-orders for Xbox Elite Series 2 – Core (White) controllers begin today, with a September 21st launch date set. Currently, the controller is not listed on any Indian online retailers website.


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